1. How does debt counselling work?

    Step 1: The Debt Counsellor does a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL credit check for you to see how much you are paying on your accounts every month and if you are over-indebted and can benefit from debt counselling.

    Step 2: If you do qualify and agree to the debt counselling process, the Debt Counsellor will NEGOTIATE with the credit providers that you owe money to, so that you can PAY LESS on your accounts every month.

    Step 3: The Debt Counsellor will CONSOLIDATE your account payments into ONE easy, affordable monthly amount.

    Step 4: Debt Counselling gives you LEGAL PROTECTION so that the companies you owe money to can stop threatening you with legal action.

    Step 5: When all your accounts are PAID UP, the Debt Counsellor will give you a CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE saying you are DEBT FREE.

If you need assistance managing debt, complete the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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