Our supporters

“HiiL strongly believes that innovation is needed in the justice domain to prevent or resolve pressing justice problems for citizens around the globe. JusDraft is a great example in contributing to that challenge. Their solution is ready to support thousands of citizens in getting their legal documents.”

Ellen Tacoma, Director Justice Accelerator HiiL

“From day to day problems to big world issues, South African women and children have a lot to worry about! They fight social and legal obstacles around almost every corner and often give up on finding legal support when they need help the most. LAW FOR ALL works tirelessly to break down the barriers to justice - making the law more affordable and accessible - and empowers women and children to enforce their rights.

'Together with JusDraft, we hope to have a hugely positive impact on as many vulnerable lives as possible.”

Delia McArthur, Chief Legal Executive Lipco Law For All

“Debt Rescue has enabled thousands of South Africans to pay off their debts in an affordable manner.

As one of the most prominent players in the industry, Debt Rescue’s impeccable reputation is of the utmost importance to us. We endeavour to provide the best customer service and debt management help in South Africa. One aim is to offer convenient and affordable Debt Counselling in South Africa. Our services span across the entire country so, no matter where in South Africa you live, contact us for help.”

Neil Roets, CEO Debt Rescue

“Much like JusDraft, Baobab is in the business of empowering people when it comes to legal issues. Specifically, making the law and its processes easier for the general public to understand. We do so by producing a range of helpful legal video tutorials in association with lawyers and law firms.

We are proud to be working with a platform with the same moral standing and objectives as our own; together making justice more accessible and a possibility for all.”

Guy Stern, Co-founder Baobab

“Most NGO’s face two material problems - firstly how to properly run their organisations and secondly seeking funding in order to expand the incredible work they are already doing. NGO Advisor provides the necessary training and support to ensure adequate compliance measures and processes are in place and thereafter assist in marketing the NGOs to over 1,500 donors both locally and internationally.

We believe in making a real difference and together with JusDraft we can alter the NGO landscape the lives of all South Africans.”

Nelly Burrows, Founder and Strategic Analyst NGO Advisor

“Ricardo Wyngaard Attorneys is a dynamic and unconventional law practice that specialises in non-profit law and governance. We offer appropriate, practical and current advice and assistance to NPOs and their donors. Some of these resources have been made available to NPOs in collaboration with JusDraft.

Together with JusDraft, we hope to make a real difference and a brighter tomorrow.”

Ricardo Wyngaard, Founder of The NPO Lawyer, Ricardo Wyngaard Attorneys